Who We Knit For

This winter, 2020, we will be sending toques to Dease Lake, Campbell River, Dawson Creek, Prince Rupert and Williams Lake BC. All schools have indicated that they also need mitts and socks. So, this year we are expanding our number of schools and what we will be sending to them. Therefore, we will be using your cash donations to pay for shipping, but also to help us purchase mitts and socks to keep hands and feet as well as heads warm this winter. We are excited about the expansions that we have seen for the project this year. It is your donations of cash that have helped us to do this.

Since 2015 we have annually sent between 40 to 60 toques for toddlers to Sheway.

Since 2017 we have supplied 20 -25 toques for toddlers to a seniors centre in Vancouver. This centre is a community hub that does some wonderful work to help seniors who are experiencing loneliness and isolation and providing seniors with activities that support their health and well-being and providing a place of friendship. Each December they hold a bazaar to raise money to support the centre throughout the year. Our toques are always a big seller for them.

We have sent toques to elementary schools in Dawson Creek BC, Williams Lake and Prince Rupert BC. Their needy children love our hats and are grateful to have a warm toque to wear when they head out to recess on days when the mercury can drop way below zero. Brrrrrr! Learn more about Tremblay Elementary School in Dawson Creek. The schools we have sent our toques to have told us that there are other schools in their area who would also love to receive our toques. So, the demand for our toques is growing. To meet the demand we need:

  • Knitters
  • Donations of wool
  • Donations of cash to help defray wool costs and shipping costs