Canalta School

Once again, we would like to thank you for your gifts of socks and mitts. We cant tell you how much we truly appreciate this.  You are a group of very talented great ladies and it is so amazing to see that people still care about ther people.  The students really enjoy the hand made hats and mitts and are very thankful for them, getting socks is great too.  Everything was given out to students that were in need of these items, and they wear them with pride, because they know someone took the time and made them for them and they really appreciate this.

Deninu School, Northwest Territories

“Grey Mountain Primary received your two boxes filled with socks, toques, and gloves.  It was like Christmas all over again!  Thank you so very much.  The assorted sizes and styles were absolutely perfect for our school.  You are offering a fantastic program.  Keep up the great work.”

Grey Mountain Primary
Whitehorse, Yukon

“Thank you so much for the beautifully full box of mitts, socks, and toques!

It was a cold day on Friday, when we received them, and I ended up handing a few out right away. They love them!

When I asked what their favorite details were, the kids had several answers. Most of the girls said colorful toques with fuzzy pom poms are their favorite. Top boy critiques were how they favored the warmth of thick wool and how dry the socks are compared to the ones they had soaked in the wet snow.” 

Sayward Elementary School, Sayward, BC

Thank you for reaching out to us. We were in definite need of socks and toques are always a blessing.

As the toques get chosen, we’ll try to give you some feedback about the children’s preferences J

Again, thank you very, very much!”

Christ The King Elementary School,
Whitehorse, Yukon

“ I would like to take this time and thank you for the wonderful toques for kids, mitts, and socks!

Kluane Lake School dropped off toques, mitts, and socks for our young daycare children.

Once again Thank you on behalf of Kluane First Nation Daycare Program.

Kluane First Nation Daycare Staff

Burwash Landing, Yukon Territory 

“All of us at Cassie Hall Elementary School in Terrace BC would like to send you the biggest virtual hug!! We received our package of amazing toques and mitts. We can’t express our thanks enough once again. Your generosity continues to warm the hearts of our students.”

“On behalf of everyone at McLeod Elementary School we would like to send a big thank you to everyone involved with Toques for Kids. This is a great program, and what you are doing for children in need is wonderful. The toques are beautifully made with wonderful patterns and colors. We appreciate the toques, mitts, and socks very much as our winters can be extremely cold.  Thanks again.”
Jamie Jans
School Secretary
McLeod Elementary School
Groundbirch, BC

“I received the toques just as we were going on Spring Break. We took the toques around to the classes last week to let the students choose one if they wished to take one.  The toques that looked like the Cowichan knitting were the first pick, and then the coloured ones with blue being the favourite colour. The kids were thrilled with the new hats and were proud to wear them home. Thank you so much for including our school in your gift of toques.”

“We received our shipment from Toques for Kids today and the kids are beyond excited about their new toques.  We’ve recently had a cold snap and these toques are both beautiful and warm!   We are so thankful that you chose to ship these toques all the way up North to us. The toques are already keeping many of our students very warm and happy.”

My name is Breezinda Jobson. I wanted to take some time and personally thank you for your kind donation of the knitted hats, gloves and socks. The hats are so beautiful. We have had some positive feedback on them, the students are loving the colour selection as well as having a choice of solid and simple patterns. We have given out a third of the hats, gloves and socks that you have sent us. As you are aware we have also put some of them into our prize draws we have at the school, the students have looked forward to being able to choose a hat there; this has also made it more “normal” for other kids to ask if they need a hat, gloves or socks.I believe what you are doing is making a great impact.
Breezinda Jobson

Good afternoon, we received your shipment of toques and we so appreciate them. We have been in a deep freeze and today it is -43 with the windchill, so already a couple have got one of your toques.
Thanks again, your generosity is truly appreciated.

Marlene Wilson
C M Finch Elementary School

“I just wanted to reach out on behalf of the school and say thank you for the toques and mitts. Your generosity is warming the hands.. and hearts of our kids.”
Thank you.”
Cindy Nunes
School Secretary
Cassie Hall Elementary School
Terrace BC

“We really appreciate the time and effort to reach out to a community so far away. Your items will get put to good use, especially as we get back to normal and see more of our students back in the schools hopefully.
Thank you and take care.”
Christina Gagne
School Secretary
Terrace, BC

“Wow, your toques are beautiful.  I just got the box this afternoon and I love them.  Such bright colours too.  Our weather this week is very warm, which is unusual for January for sure.  But it will get colder for sure.  Anyway, I was showing the hats to one of our Resource Room kids and she fell in love with them all.  But she told me blue was her favorite colour. We found her a blue one.  Her family has been through a lot this year and she truly deserves a toque.  It is funny sometimes, how such a small item like a toque can brighten someone’s day.  For this I thank you so much.I have asked another school about the toques and when they get back to me I will let you know.  Have a wonderful rest of your day. Bless you ladies for all your knitting!!!”
Barb Chaput
Attendance Secretary
Dr. Kearney Middle School
Fort St. John, BC

“Yes we did get the box of Toques. It was just like Christmas!!! Thank  you so much to everyone!!”
Susanne Wakeham
Vice Principal/Coach Mentor
Tremblay Elementary School
Dawson Creek

“I just wanted to let you know we received your box of toques and mitts.  The children we have given them to are absolutely thrilled!!! Thank you very much!! Have a wonderful Christmas to you and your group!!”
A.D., Williams Lake

“I wanted to reach out to you and thank you for the hats, socks and mitts! I am the principal at Bella Coola Elementary and we often provide warm items for our students who need them. Your donation has really helped us keep the students warm especially because we are learning outside as much as possible these days!”

“I received your amazing package of knitted toques and gloves, and we are all so thankful! They were beautiful (and even fit our small teacher heads)! “

“The toques arrived Friday, what a great selection. I like the variety of colours and patterns, the students I asked picked different favourites, the striped toques were popular.”