We have knit and shipped 1,500+ toques; we have purchased and shipped 600+ pairs of gloves and 580+ pairs of socks to more than 45 schools in 36 regions in Northern BC and the Yukon.

Support the cost of sending a shipment to Northern BC and Northern Canada. Each shipment costs $25 to $35, so please help us send as many shipments to the North as we can this winter.

Images of Some Shipments

Bella Coola

Bella Coola. 33 toques, 9 pairs of gloves, 10 pairs of socks

Dawson Creek

Dawson Creek, 10 toques
Smithers, 6 pairs of gloves, 2 pairs of socks
Dawson Creek. 40 toques, 4 pairs of gloves, 10 pairs of socks,
Dawson Creek. 30 toques
Dawson Creek. 13 gloves, 16 pairs of socks, 3 headbands
Dawson Creek. 10 toques

Dease Lake

Dease Lake. 14 toques, 10 pairs of gloves
Dease Lake. 30 toques

Fort St. John

Fort St. John. 10 toques
Fort St. John. 10 toques


Hazelton. 25 toques, and 1 pair socks
New Hazelton, 25 toques


Houston, 20 toques, 1 pair finger-less mitts
Houston, 20 toques
Houston, 20 pairs gloves, 21 pairs socks
Toques at a school in Houston


Kispiox, 2- toques, 2 pairs of gloves, 19 pairs of socks
Kitimat, 5 toques


Kitwanga. 30 toques, 3 pairs of socks

Lower Post

Lower Post. 9 toques, 8 pairs of gloves

Prince Rupert

Prince Rupert. 20 toques
Prince Rupert. 10 pairs of gloves, 20 pairs of socks


Quesnel. 25 toques, 3 pairs of gloves


Sayward. 10 toque, 6 pairs of gloves, 4 pairs of socks


Smithers, 20 toques

Tel Creek

Tel Creek. 20 toques, 6 pairs of gloves


Telkwa, 10 toques


Terrace. 20 toques, 15 pairs of gloves
Terrace. 20 toques
Terrace. 20 pairs of gloves

Williams Lake

Williams Lake. 15 toques
Williams Lake. 15 toques, 10 pairs of socks
Williams Lake. 20 toques, 6 pairs of gloves, 6 pairs of socks
Williams Lake. 20 toques, 6 pairs of gloves