We have knit and sent 3,172+ toques; we have purchased and sent 630+ pairs of gloves and 680+ pairs of socks to more than 82 schools in 36 regions in Northern Canada.

Toques For Kids Founder Receives Hidden Heroes Award from Cabinet Minister Joyce Murray.

Toques For Kids is an inspired group of knitters who make the world a better place by keeping young heads warm one stitch at a time. For 6 years we have been creating toques for needy toddlers to teens, many of whom live in Northern areas of Canada where temperatures can reach –30 to –40 degrees. Our knitters enjoy the relaxing hobby of knitting while using their creative talents to produce fun toques the kids love to wear.

Some elementary school students in Northern Canada students do not have toques; for them, recess can be a very chilly time. A Vancouver organization Sheway, which helps mothers with their newborns to toddlers, welcomes the arrival of our tiny toques every fall.

So come, whether you are a seasoned knitter or just beginning, and join our group. Everything you need to get started is right here on the website. Click here to view “Learn to Knit” videos. Any questions? Use the Contact form to reach us and we will get back to you promptly.

Who We Knit For

School Children in Northern Canada

We have sent toques to many communities in Northern Canada. All schools have indicated that they also need gloves and socks. We use your cash donations to pay for shipping, but also to purchase gloves and socks to keep hands and feet as well as heads warm in winter. We are excited about the expansions that we have seen for the project this year. It is your donations of cash that have helped us to do this.


Since 2015 we have annually delivered 40 to 60 toques for toddlers to Sheway.

Toques for toddlers, delivered to Sheway

Our Needs

To meet the growing demand we need;

  1. Knitters
  2. Donations of wool
  3. Donations of cash for shipping, buying wool, gloves, and socks

We welcome donations of cash or wool. Donations are used for;

  1. Sending packages to Northern Canada schools by Canada Post
  2. Buy wool
  3. Buy gloves and socks

View our Income Statement, which shows all Income (donations) and Expenses.